Check out our brand new USB C products

07. Feb 2022

Elivi PRO USB C Docking

These products are perfect for connecting your laptop to one or more monitors and all accessories with just one USB-C cable. The new series of USB dockings comes in a very elegant and compact design. All models support PD Passthrough charging up to 100W.

Check out the specifications for which model is best for you.

Elivi USB4 C cables

Finally, the new USB4 standard is here!

The USB4 cables from Elivi are Gen3 40gbps and are fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4 and Displayport Alternate Mode. USB4 is predicted to take over large parts of the USB-C 40gbps market as there are less restrictions here than with Intel controlled Thunderbolt. If you need a future-proof USB-C cable or you need a cable you can use in your USB-C Thunderbolt port with maximum performance, this is the variant for you!