Get the most out of your work area with monitor arms from Elivi

04. Oct 2021

Get the most out of your workspace with space-saving Elivi monitor arms. We can offer both single and double monitor arms. The monitor arms are specially designed to be able to stand right next to a partition or wall and give the user the opportunity to get a better distance to the screen, which is more comfortable for the eyes through a long working day. You can rotate, tilt or swing your monitors to find the perfect position for you.

With our modern gas lift monitor arms, you have full flexibility in positioning your monitor. The flexibility you achieve with our gas monitor arms is that your screen is perceived as “weightless” when setting the correct gas pressure.

The monitor arm can be swung from -90 to 90 degrees
The monitor arm can be swung from -90 to 90 degrees

The monitor arms are designed for screen sizes from 17 “to 32” with a maximum load capacity of 9 kg.

You can easily position the monitor in the desired position without the use of manual steering screws for sideways, height and depth adjustment. With its 3 links, the monitor arm provides good depth in the office workplace.

The advantage of our flexible monitor arm is that you get a dynamic workplace. By changing the working position, you will easily be able to change the position of the screen for the best for you. This prevents vision and neck problems.