We take sustainability seriously

All products from Elivi are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging in the form of 100% recyclable cardboard.

03. Sep 2021

Elivi and the environment

We can help your business make environmentally responsible choices through our range of environmentally friendly products. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in the world today, and we see it as our duty to contribute to a more environmentally friendly society.

Last year, CBK certified itself in the field of environment (ISO14001) and quality (ISO9001) after working for one year to implement the management system.

CBK wants to emerge as a responsible company with a focus on continuous sustainability by looking at the total environmental impact from raw material extraction via production, use, disposal and transport. In this way, the products will enable a more sustainable lifestyle. In this connection, packaging is an important part and therefore we want to offer our customers a larger selection of products with environmentally friendly packaging.

One of our strategic environmental goals is that all packaging on our own brands, including Elivi, must be carbon neutral by 2023.

Nikoline Vang, Marketing Manager and KM-coordinator
Elivi’s products are delivered in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging

Elivi’s packaging principles


Reduce the consumption of packaging by keeping the weight and volume of the packaging to a minimum necessary to provide good protection for the products.


To preserve our planet, we must replace packaging that is non-recyclable or has a major environmental impact with environmentally responsible alternatives such as cardboard in this case.


Using bio-based (sustainably sourced) packaging that is produced from renewable natural materials, contributes to reducing our impact on the environment.


n order to move towards a circular economy that minimizes waste and gets the most out of resources, we must develop our recycling to give packaging a new life.